Join me in my adventures of teaching the first grade through a lot of pictures and stories!!

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My Classroom

2014-2015 Classroom:

 My bright chevron classroom theme this year has really brightened things up!

Can you spot the little furry visitor?

 The fruit table signs are easy to see hanging from my giant paper lanterns. I love how they look with the white lanterns and black ribbon.

The calendar on my blackboard is at the front of the classroom right in front of our carpet.

I'm enjoying the dark bold numbers on my bright chevron calendar numbers. They stand out and are easily seen throughout the classroom! The students enjoy the daily job of changing the day of the week card and weather card.

I like to use my picture direction labels to rearrange as needed. This just helps the students visualize the order of directions that we discussed. It's especially helpful for ESL students. The grading pictures are nice to have displayed at all times. This is my grading method for all classwork.


The word wall is my favorite part of my classroom. After looking at numerous teaching blogs and Pinterest posts I decided to go with the ribbon word wall. The words are magnetic so the students can take them off if they need to bring them back to their seats. I started each word wall letter with the students names in my classroom. This was a fun way to introduce the word wall.

I like to keep my power verbs right above my learning target wall so we can reference the definition as we work through our target for that lesson. The pictures help the students remember what the power verbs mean and how they fit in with the lesson.

I used my bright chevron numbers to help introduce touch point numbers at the beginning of the year. They're also a great visual for tally marks, ten frames, and the number words. I also used my bright chevron word wall letters for my ribbon word wall. I love all the pops of color!

The simple color words are next to the number posters on my word wall. I like the pops of color but that they're small and don't take up too much room on the board.

This is a picture of my word wall after I added our writing goals posters and words have started filing  down each of the letter ribbons.

My learning targets were made with my bright chevron subject cards. We are now moving towards using the "I am learning to..." rather than the "I can..." learning target phrasing.

My library is small but it was important to me to create a space where students can sit and enjoy their reading. I managed to fit in two comfy reading spots and my cute chevron rug I found at Walmart!

 Above the window I used my chevron reading sign. I like the way the square letters look above the window. Check it out at my TPT store.. it's a FREEBIE!

The school theme this year is "Dream Big." I had fun matching the black and white chevron bulletin board border with the cloud border. I posted our classroom rules right above the bulletin board.

My teacher's desk is so big it holds everything I need with plenty of working space. The bright yellow filing cabinets that I painted this summer definitely add a nice pop of color in the corner!

I used black contact paper to cover some of the filing cabinet drawers. You can use chalk on this contact paper which makes it easy to write reminders or drawer contents!


2013-2014 Classroom:

The power verbs are displayed above the bulletin board to define the verbs used in Learning Targets.

I love these Chevron Subject Titles you can buy them here compliments of Katie Sonntag! Thank you for sharing!!

I loved the chevron picture job chart cards! You can purchase them here compliments of A Cupcake for the Teacher.
Thank you for sharing!!

My Library is starting out the way any new teacher's library does.. slow and steady. I love the chevron READ sign that you can find here! Thank you for sharing!! I found my rug at Walmart, believe it or not, with the back to school decor.

My school follows the CHAMPS behavior program. CHAMPS is used as an acronym to help discuss behavior expectations. The students pick up on it pretty easily!

Conversation- Voice Level
Help- Raise Hand
Activity- Objective or Directions
Movement- Stay in Seat or Up Moving
Participation- Independent, Partner, Group, Etc.
Success- Outcome of Lesson

We had a "Fish Theme" this year!

Ready for the first week of school! My school uses Scott Forsman Reading Street. I love the Big Books that accompany the lessons!

In the first grade we use the "Reminder System" to keep track of behavior. The reminders are color coded and are recorded on a behavior tracking sheet that the students parents sign each night. This helps the students take responsibility for their actions and lets the parents know where the behavior occurred.

I loved putting up the paper lanterns! I think it adds a fun feeling to the classroom environment.

This bulletin board is at the front of the carpet right behind my desk. We keep track of our table points, voice levels, and tally lost teeth. Each table is designated a "fruit" and the students can earn special rewards if they are the winning table on Friday.

 I always keep a copy of the newsletter that is send home every Monday hanging on the clipboard in our classroom. I use a template I found online which includes notes, reminders, a look at the upcoming week of curriculum including skills focused on and learning targets we'll be using.

Our class pets are named the first week of school. This is a fun beginning of the school year bonding activity for the students.
Plus, it's a lot of fun!

2012-2013 Classroom:

I was so excited to start setting up my room! It was small, had no windows, was a dumping ground for unwanted supplies, and needed a lot of cleaning but I did not care! It looked very bare and plain when I first started.


It started to feel more like a classroom once I started setting things up. It was a process throughout the year to aquire everything a classroom needs.

I used wooden frames from Michaels and modpodged scrapbook paper onto them to make these picture frames for my classroom!

My word wall and Phonics Dance cards added a pop of color to the growing room! I love having the Power Verbs above the learning target board.

We had a special area for spelling test goal setting which we did as a class and then our individual reading test goal setting sticker charts.

Our writing projects were one of my favorite things to display this year on my polka dot themed "Good Work Spotted" bulletin board!!

I couldn't have a classroom without a class pet! I acquired these tadpoles fom another first grade teacher in the district and sadly only one survived and turned into a frog. It was fun to watch the process especially while we learned about lifecycles!!

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