Join me in my adventures of teaching the first grade through many pictures and stories!

Classroom Management

As a school we use the CHAMPS classroom management program. We have the CHAMPS posters posted in all of the classrooms, the special areas, and the cafeteria.
The students respond well to CHAMPS as well as the voice level rules.

The first 10 days of school are the most important in establishing your classroom rules and procedures as well as establishing your relationship with your new students.

In the first grade we use the reminder system where the students are responsible for pulling out the color coded reminder of where their offense falls and putting it in their labeled library pocket. This give the children a clear representative of their behavior and is recorded and sent home in their behavior log to their parents.

I use a poster board and cute library pockets for the reminder chart. The reminders are labeled next to the chart for students to pull. I keep this poster right by my round table so I can view the pockets when I fill out their binders at the end of the day.

You can find my Reminder Behavior System at my TPT store!

Classroom Helpers are a great way to give the students responsibility within their classroom. I love having the students "apply" for a classroom job as the year goes on. The students definitely set their eyes on one or two jobs that they want and will work towards earning that job.

Groups of tables earn table points for following directions, working together and keeping their group and desks neat and clean!

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