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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bright Neon Classroom Loot

Bright Colored Classroom Loot

This year I have found the best deals on brightly colored classroom supplies! I'm not a big fan of spending a lot of money on the items in my classroom. All of the supplies get a lot of use (as they should) so I like to shop for deals.

Michaels already has their neon colored summer items on clearance for 60% off. Some cute items found their way into my cart! The rainbow 10-drawer rolling cart is also only $30 right now! I've been eyeing these for a few years.

Michaels Outdoor Pillows: $6 each
These are the perfect pillows for a class library because they are made for outdoors so they're extra durable. First graders are not always so gentle on cushions in the library.

Michael's 100 Sheet Neon Cardstock: $9 (with coupon)
I love creating banners and signs for my classroom and door. This will be perfect for my star themed back to school door and bulletin board this upcoming school year!

Michael's Rainbow 10-drawer Rolling Cart: $30
I don't really even have a plan for this yet but I'm sure it will be the perfect storage piece for my classroom!

Michael's 3-Pack Neon Lanterns: $4
I think these will look great hanging above my classroom library with black and white striped ribbon.

Target Chalkboard & Paper Rolls: $3 Each
So I've been wanting to initiate a question of the day. I can't wait to hang one of these and write a question each day for students to write their answers as they finish their morning work or complete work early.

Target Addition Books: $1 Each
I love that these are laminated books. I bought 6 of them.These will be perfect for centers. Students can use dry erase markers to practice their addition by skill and erase when they are finished!

Target Phonics Practice: $1 Each
I love that these match so many of the common core standards we use in the first grade. I plan to copy pages out of this book to use for morning work or extra practice!

I'm sure there are even more brightly colored goodies that will be coming up throughout the rest of the summer!



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    2. Neon is such a cheerful color scheme in a classroom!

  2. I have to go to Target and Michael's!

  3. Looks like you got a lot of goodies. Awesome!